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Just Perfect!

Falling Away - Lisa Henry

A straight 5* and that inspite of the fact that the author was on the short side of hit and miss for me twice before. But as the saying is, third time is good!

And it is bloody good! A real first-class tearjerker, with well-expressed male emotions, the (mainly S&M) BDSM got entirely right and beautifully expressed, especially the pain part, a fabulous inner dialogue at constant counterpoint and written out subtext to what is spoken, repressed guys--what more do you want? Nothing for me, that was perfect!

Recommended for everyone seeking some insight into BDSM and fucked up emotions. :)


ETA: In hindsight and looking at "The Last Rebellion" at the same time, it is a pity that this one isn't getting the love it should. Curiously, as some may find, I consider it far darker and infinitely more touching and intimate than the torture story. Well, the reason for that is easy: this is fully expressed emotion as it takes place, by a man suffering for it because of himself.