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A far too obvious FSoG plagiarism

The Art of Submission - Ella Dominguez

It *is* better written than FSoG on the prose level, so that's why it earned itself 1 star on top of FSoG.

Else this is just another plagiarism of The Book Which Shall Not Be Named. In fact down to little idiosyncrasies, the state of utter immaturity of the MCs, the tics and spleens. Everything and everyone is the stereotype of the trope of what they might be.

Just saying, but why can't there be--just once--a friendly secretary of a CEO? Why do they all get painted bitches?

Why do people behave on first meetings as if sex was a throw-away article? Not just that this isn't very erotic, but I wouldn't want to be with someone treating sex like eating a hamburger (or rather less so, I guess these characters would take greater care choosing a clean restaurant).

I'll not even go into much further detail, I was quite simply bored. And annoyed. Irritated even.