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Oh hot damn!

The Last Hour of Gann - R. Lee Smith

Okay, this was bloody brilliant. What did I expect?


Review to come. I need to digest this.




2% Why is R. Lee Smith so brilliant? I'm fucking green with envy! I tell you--fucking bloody squeaky green. O.o


4% Brilliant writing.


7% Against how Smith tortures her characters I'm a babe. O.o


27% Damn, yeah, and now I'm in love with a lizardman! Meoraq is simply adorable! <3


48% A real plot, lots and lots of meaty, wonderful plot, and woven into this a romance, and aliens, and dammit a female main character who is just pure brilliance, and a lizard to fall in love with--wonderful!


57% Bless you, Ms. Smith! No one writes alien sex better, or with more humour ;)


70% Smith is one singularly mean cookie! She creates enemies so loathsome that you want to spitroast them, slowly that is, and then forces you to become ambivalent about them and see their positive sides. Never black and white, always shades. Brilliant writing.


89% "This is a human mating technique, is it?" Meoraq asked uncertainly, watching her peel away his loin-plate. "Do I take my boots off or do you remove them for me?"