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The Gentleman's Keeper

The Gentleman's Keeper - Bonnie Dee;Summer Devon

This was a pleasant read, flowing smoothly, the prose and plot both were the usual efficient style this writer duo engages in. With one exception--there was a bit too much telling.


However, in the end it didn't matter. The anguish Everett Gerard suffered was transmitted well, the growing love for the boy was quite obvious, and if there was a bit too much telling about what took place between Miles and Gerard, then be it.


Both men at least clearly were men and no hetero-couple in disguise. And I was entertained for the time I read this book. Not the usual high rating this pair gets from me, but still a solid "liked".


Liked the cover!



4%  An intriguing beginning.


21%  It is still intriguing, I've been caught by the plot. However, there is a lot of telling going on, which is quite atypical for that author duo.


74%  The sex between the two men feels authentic to the time, though there's still too much telling.