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Talus: A Demon Story

I could make this fast: the premise was great, the execution meh.


But that doesn't totally put it into perspective. There were things I liked, especially whenever Faulkner worked on the characterisation of her MCs, some of the sex-scenes were erotic, while others were merely bland. The Daddy-stuff and age-play stays a squick for me and I sure didn't expect it in a demon-themed erom. There was definitely too much sex, and no lead-up to the two MCs meeting, which quite killed any spooky or horrific vibe. There was some humour to it, but not enough to make me chuckle. And the cat was a whole lot like Chekov's gun.


Yet, in spite of all of that this story hooked me enough to make me finish it. And it was a fast read. That makes this a firm "is okay" review.