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Astonishingly Well-Written

Sold Into Service: Boys With Painted Lips (Gay BDSM Erotica) - Charlotte Mistry

I was bowled over by the quality of the writing.


The vast majority of erotica shorts are barely readable, with authors either already fighting with SPaG and plot from the start, or retelling some porn video they've looked at, or being needlessly vulgar and unerotic. At best you get something clearly meant for one-handed reading, without a single thought to general quality above getting the reader off.


However, this here was different. The prose was elegant, on the dot, whoever wrote this actually can write, can plant images in your head, create tension, evoke emotions. The writing is sophisticated without being purple, pretentious or blowsy. This maybe was not yet literary erotica, but definitely literate erotica quite on the way there.


The plot is unapologetical non-con, firmly placed in a fantasy world, and the sex scene is one of sado-masochism (a first caning) written perfectly to the point, giving insights into physical and mental reactions in a quite delectable manner. This was lovely and very erotic.


I know I should downrate this for being a serial, something I dislike, but at £4.62 for the whole serial I can't say it's too expensive. I think I just might invest into that.


Lastly, I have to thank Kyn/Morbid for the tip, she pointed me at this author! Thanks :)