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- total extirpation of the tongue

- crushing the larynx +results

- toxic nerve system

- external trauma larynx +knife



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Choices (Golden Collar #1) - Grace R. Duncan




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Because I want to read a good book at last!

The Last Hour of Gann - R. Lee Smith

Updates will be posted here, prior to review.

Day 30 of the 30-Day October Challenge

Your favourite book of all time.


There are so many books I adore. How to pick one of those as the absolute favourite?


I guess if there was one book I'd want to take onto an island, then it would be "The Complete Sherlock Holmes". That one gives me peace while reading.

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Here's To You Mrs. Robinson...

The Countess Takes a Lover - Bonnie Dee

This will get very spoilery after the "read on" point.


I love me realistic May/December romances as much as I love reading about awkward male virgins, and I thought this might be a good one for both, written by an author I know from m/m, one I usually like.


Not so, I'm afraid. For one thing the "older woman and widow" is just 6 years older than the male virgin, which quite cancels the May/December aspect.

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Poor Muriel

Poor Muriel



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Falls Chance Ranch (Falls Chance Ranch #1) - Rolf,  Ranger

A man has a nervous breakdown. He is forced, by the firm he works for, to attend a camp in which layman shrinks infantilise and physically, sexually and psychologically abuse people like him until they comply with their standards. This story reads, quite unfortunately, exactly like those religious "we god-love the gay out of you"-camps in which gay youths and men get abused. It reads like the detailed horrors of zealot brainwashing within a sect.

I am shocked at the amount of people who clearly don't grasp what is described here. I can understand fetishists (of rape, non-con and psychological torture) loving these books, because this caters directly to their Id.

But so many people read this and don't even mention in a passing word that what we witness being done to Dale is actually gravest abuse, that it leaves me breathless. I have a hard time believing that everyone who gave it 5* actually is into the abovementioned fetishes. I am myself into BDSM, so I do have an inkling just what the percentages and spreads are. Thus this amount of blithe acceptance leaves me shocked. I keep wondering why this is so. Really, really shocked.

Buddy-Read Wanted!

Through the Smoke - Brenda Novak

I'm looking for fellow readers for this one. Gothic, gritty and realistic regency. Can't be all bad!

A Shrink Writing Sadism, Masochism and BDSM

A Bestiary of Unnatural Women - Ashley Zacharias

I'm not going to say much about the actual content, as these are shorts and that would give away too much.

However, I absolutely loved this book, for me it went from hilarious to tearjerking, never anything less than erotic, even if sometimes only in minute places, and completely, totally fresh! That was what delighted me most: these are stories you haven't read a hundred times before, they are original, fantastic and in a sense very real, very down to earth.

The author needs to work on her blurb, for it is a pity these stories are obviously read by the wrong crowd. This is rather dark, and no easy erotica or even overblown, tropey Fifty Shades-style erotic romance. If there's one author I'd compare these stories to content-wise then it is Remittance Girl. Not as polished as her, but as original and deeply erotic as her.

1. A Most Surprising Date - 4*

Thoroughly enjoying this! Hilarious! ;)

2. Suzie's Lessons - 4*

Original :)

3. Riding the Devil's Horse - 3.5*

A bit too long, but I loved that, including the ending.

4. Notes from Roissy, Cleveland, Ohio - 5*

A lovely, lovely take on realities. And again a wonderful twist at the end!

5. Topper - 5*

Oh dear, what a lovely, lovely twist!

6. A wife of No small promise - 5*

Bloody mean! And superbly entertaining.

7. A necessary beating - 5*


8. INR - 5*


9. Portrait of a Wife as a Middle-Aged Woman - 5*

Breathtaking. Reduced me to helpless tears, at times deeply erotic.

Day 29 of the 30-Day October Challenge

A book everyone hated but you liked.


"A Bestiary of Unnatural Women" by Ashley Zacharias


A shrink writing sadism, masochism and BDSM. Glorious.